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watercolor andscapes
Died October, 2011
Italian Cityscapes
In Memoriam of those who were
important to me.
The Boy and the Chalk,
A Fairy Tale
phone & tablet art:
Around Town
the phone as copyist
Phone & Tablet Art: The
Metrolitan Museum of Art
Gerald Bruce Olanoff, That special someone.
The Zournas Gift, The Institute for
Studies in Pragmatismt

The Zournas Gift, text version
Male Fighre Drawings 2015
Published Writings

An Apollonian Opportunity, American Scientist,
March-April 2010

Traffic and Speed, American Scientist  
September-October, 2015

Long Live the Data, American Scientist,
March-April 2014

Foursquare, American Scientist
July August 2013

Your Number's Up, American Scientist,
May-June, 2007

A Theile-Geddes Equilibrium Stage Calculation
Master's Dissertation, Rice University, 1965
DIed Oct. 15, 2012
Died May 2013
About Michael
Autobiography: Flemenco - A Half Life
Died October 1995
Michael A. Moroch, My Friend
George Zournas, My friend.
Raymond Frank Csuha, My brother
My Friend George Zournas